How to Entertain Guests in Mehendi Ceremony

There are many ceremonies that make up an Indian wedding. Different religions have their own wedding ceremonies, but one wedding ceremony that is common for most religions is the mehndi ceremony. One of the biggest worry is How to Entertain Guests in Mehendi Ceremony. Some of the event managers like Kurugnati Event Event Managers can help Entertain Guests in Mehendi Ceremony. But if you chose to organize it on your own, it takes time and effort. However, it could also be fun if you have the energy and time to organize a Mehendi Ceremony.

How to Entertain Guests in Mehendi Ceremony

Organizing your mehndi ceremony in a grand manner can take a lot of planning. It is not just about adorning yourself but also your close female relatives, with mehndi. You may want to have a proper ceremony for everyone to have fun. Food may not be the only solution in this case. The mehndi is the ceremony where the bride and the guests have fun. This is why you may have to plan a number of entertainments for your guests.

Singing and dancing are common practices for mehndi ceremonies. But if you want to do something different, you should go ahead and do it. Why go with the ordinary? If it is your big ceremony, think of taking it to the next level! Plan games that most of your guests can part take in and have fun. Games are sure to grab more attention than a group of friends and family members singing and dancing. Trying out a few new mehndi ceremony ideas can pay off!

Top 5 Ideas on How to Entertain Guests in Mehendi Ceremony:

Though the mehndi ceremony was originally practiced by a few religions, most Indian weddings today seem to be including the ceremony. So, if you have decided to include the ceremony, start with the planning now. You can choose from the list mentioned below ideas By Kurugant Event Managers

Here are the top 5 Indian mehndi ceremony games that you should plan for the big day:

1. Since singing is a major part of the mehndi ceremony, try to create games that involve singing. You can ask your guests to form groups. Then you can pitch the groups against each other. You can ask the groups to play Antakshari. You can even show them pictures of various movie stars and ask them to sing popular songs from their movies. This can help create an entertaining atmosphere as well as allow the guests to open up.

2. For the more boisterous set of guests, have a dhol or dholaki playing competition. You can ask the musicians, whom you have hired, to give their instruments for the games. Then you can ask the guests to take their turn at beating each other at drumming.

3. Dancing is again a big part of the mehndi ceremony. You can use this too as a game. You can ask the guests to dance to the drum beats. Those who fail to follow the beat can be eliminated. So, your guests can dance and enjoy the event.

4. Nothing is more important on that day, than the bride. You can play a game of ‘find the bride’. The bride can go and hide, or can be hidden by one group of people. The other groups may have to go and find the bride.

5. Since the day is bound to see an excess of mehndi, you better put it to good use. Use the extra mehndi to ask your guests to try their hand at drawing mehndi. This can be entertaining and some can go home with a fancy design.

New Additions to the List of How to Entertain Guests in Mehendi Ceremony

6. Most guests may be coming just to eat. Well then give them plenty! Have an eating competition. Have sweets-eating competition or a golgappa-eating competition. Also, this is sure to entertain even the uninterested guests.

7. The advent of technology makes it easier to invent a new competition. Ask your guests to take pictures using their camera phones. The best photo will be declared the winner.

8. You can use flowers to create games as well. So the flowers can be used to ask the female guests to create flower garlands or flower decorations.

9. Marriage is all about balance. Make your guests balance before you balance your marriage for the rest of your life. Get a rectangular beam and ask your guests to walk on it!

10. You can play charades by dividing the guests into groups again. This can also be a very good entertainment source.

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If you use a few of the above-mentioned games, you are sure to make the mehndi ceremony a big hit. Did you like our ideas on How to Entertain Guests in Mehendi Ceremony? Share more on How to Entertain Guests in Mehendi Ceremony, we will try to cover them as well.

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