Scientific Reasons Behind Popular Indian Wedding Traditions

Although many people consider these traditions to be mere superstitions, you will be surprised to know the Scientific Reasons Behind Popular Indian Wedding Traditions. So, here are our Scientific Reasons Behind Popular Indian Wedding Traditions.

Scientific Reasons Behind Popular Indian Wedding Traditions

For those who have always wondered over the significance and relevance of these rituals, here are some amazing scientific reasons behind following them. Scientists are dwelling deeper into the Scientific Reasons Behind Popular Indian Wedding Traditions, to find them to be steeped with logic and science.

Applying mehendi

Wondering what is the reason to apply Mehendi? Well, henna has strong soothing as well as antiseptic properties. Its cooling effect helps in relieving the couple from stress, headaches and even fever. It is also beneficial for the growth of nails. What’s more? Mehendi also protects them from various viral or fungal infections.

Applying haldi

Traditionally, the haldi ceremony is followed so as to bring a natural glow on the face of the couple. And thus, the entire process helps the body to receive the best medicinal advantages of turmeric. The turmeric kills bacteria in the skin and makes the couple glow radiantly. Hence, the mixture has a moisturising effect on the skin as well.

Wearing bangles

Bangles are one of the most essential ornaments of the Indian culture. And, apart from enhancing the beauty of a bride, they offer an amazing health benefit as well. The friction between the bangles and your skin also improves blood circulation.

Putting sindoor in hair partition

It contains turmeric, lime, and a minute level of the metal, mercury.  The mercury cools down the body and makes her feel relaxed. It also triggers a sexual drive among them.

Wearing toe rings

For Hindu brides in various cultures, it is mandatory to wear rings on their second toe. But, this tradition also has amazing scientific reason behind it. There is a particular nerve in the second toe, which connects to the heart while passing through the uterus. The toe ring makes the uterus stronger and regulates the menstrual cycle.

The holy fire

The holy fire around which the bride and groom take their vows has a special significance. The fire is a very strong cleanser of the surrounding environment. It takes away the negative energy and spreads positivity.  It has a very good effect on the health of all the people who are present in that pure ambience, and particularly the couple, as they stand closest to this fire.

So, here are Kuruganti Event Manager’s Scientific Reasons Behind Popular Indian Wedding Traditions. Let us know more!

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