Vara Yatra

Vara Yatra – arrival of the groom and his party

We thought that with this post we would change it up a little since we have a very mixed audience who visit our blog. So, we thought why not make it informative to allow those not familiar with Hinduism, the Indian culture and traditions to better understand and relate to our images. Vara Yatra is something that not many people know.

As the groom and his party, arrive at the ceremony site amidst much singing and dancing. The bride’s parents, family and friends greet them with akshat (a kind of rice), tilak (a dot on the forehead), arati (a plate carrying a lighted lamp), and a garland.

Finally, the groom and his party arrives at the wedding site. Then, the bride’s parents, friends and family greet him by throwing handfuls of special rice (akshat) at him. His party protects him with an open umbrella over him.

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