5 Types of Heels That You Can Wear for Your Weedding

Choosing the wedding heels? Confused what to pick and what to leave? The wedding heels add elegance to the wedding outfit by elongating legs and acts as a catalyst for adding some height to the bride’s look. When we pick the heels for the wedding, a number of factors come to play such as the colour of the heels, the height of the heels, and its propensity to sync with the wedding dress. Often, the brides get tempted to buy the first pair of heels, they get into, but that’s the blunder they do.

When you go for buying your wedding heels, make sure to look at the level of comfort the pair offers. Comfort score is important as you are going to walk in that heels the entire wedding night. Here are the 5 Types of Heels That You Can Wear for Your Weedding

Classic pumps

Pumps never go out of style. If you are looking for ways to add at least 3-4 inches to your height in order to look taller, the pump heels can become your best companion. Also, if heels are what you wish to flaunt to everyone out there, the classic pumps is your ideal deal. The pumps usually have a low cut at the front of the shoe to add that extra comfort to the style. Go for pumps in shades such as pink, golden, silver or beige for your wedding outfit.

Kitten Heels

Kitten heels are a blessing for those brides who put comfort first and style later. The kitten heels are usually 2-4 inches high and look trendy when wore with the bridal outfit. The kitten heels in shades of white or beige can make your wedding appear a comfortable affair. These heels can easily be worn after the wedding for different evening parties or on other occasions.

Block Heels

If you wish to dance all the night without tripping, the block heels definitely fit your bill. The block heel was a huge trend in 1970 and then came back this wedding season as a preferred choice of the brides. They are stylish, easy to walk and comfortable. You can for this worthy heels in shades like white and other nude shades.


Stilettos are celebrated as the queen of the heel’s kingdom. For that sassy bridal look, the stilettos with peeping toes are what you must have. The splash of colour of your toenails peeping out of stilettos looks utterly amazing.


Love for height without pain is what wedges give. They are very comfortable to wear with a heavy lehenga and very easy on foot. You can choose the embellished wedges that look perfect with your wedding attire.

Finding the right heels that complement your wedding dress and gives you the needed comfort at the same time is nothing but a win-win situation.

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