5 Types of Heels That You Can Wear for Your Weedding

Choosing the wedding heels? Confused what to pick and what to leave? The wedding heels add elegance to the wedding outfit by elongating legs and acts as a catalyst for adding some height to the bride’s look. When we pick the heels for the wedding, a number of factors come to play such as the Read more about 5 Types of Heels That You Can Wear for Your Weedding[…]

Sindhi Wedding Traditions

Sindhi weddings are generally lavish affair with lots of razzle-dazzle involved. The weddings generally involve quite a number of rituals and customs which involves a lot of fun and merriment. While the element of fun is ever-present in a Sindhi wedding, traditions hold equal importance to having a good time. Sindhis are Sanatani Hindus and Read more about Sindhi Wedding Traditions[…]

Parsi Wedding Traditions

Parsi communities in India are immigrants from Central Asia, especially Persia. Most of them are settled in coastal areas of the western India like Goa, Gujarat and Mumbai between 8th and 10thcentury. Parsis are predominantly Zoroastrians, i.e. followers of Zoroaster, or Zarathustra, one of the oldest monotheistic religions in the world. Such a long history Read more about Parsi Wedding Traditions[…]

Oriya Wedding Traditions

The simplicity of Oriya people is reflected in their Oriya Wedding Traditions. They are devoid of any ostentatious display of wealth and status. They place a lot of importance on traditional customs and adherence to their roots. The wedding rituals are according to Vedic Hindu rituals that have been modified with layers of regional and Read more about Oriya Wedding Traditions[…]

Muslim Wedding Traditions

Muslim Wedding Traditions are really interesting !! Islam is one of the prominent religions in the world with over 1.6 billion zealous followers of the religion. Wedding is an integral part of Islamic culture and are mandated by the Holy Quran as one of the primary duties of a Muslim. It enables a Muslim to Read more about Muslim Wedding Traditions[…]

Marwari Wedding Traditions

Marwari Wedding Traditions are very interesting. Marwaris hail from the region of Marwar, modern day Jodhpur region, in south western Rajasthan, India. In modern time, Marwaris comprise of one of the biggest business communities of India. Wealthy and prosperous, weddings in Marwari community are expensive affairs with celebrations spanning for days. Yet Marwari marriages are Read more about Marwari Wedding Traditions[…]

Kashmiri Wedding Traditions

In the beautiful valleys of Kashmir, wedding is the celebration of tradition and beauty. Kashmiri Wedding Traditions are a thing to behold, with the bride and groom resplendent in tasteful traditional dresses and oodles of glittering gold jewelry. From rituals to décor to food, they take take pride in their Kashmiri Wedding Traditions. Starting from Read more about Kashmiri Wedding Traditions[…]

Jain Wedding Traditions

Jains are a peace-loving community with deep sense of spirituality that guides their traditions. Jain Wedding Traditions are typically simple although they involve a lot of intricate rituals that are governed by the strict Vivah Vidhi dictated by their religious texts. In Jainism, marriage is considered a worldly affair that increases human bondage, but it Read more about Jain Wedding Traditions[…]