Marwari Wedding Traditions

Marwari Wedding Traditions are very interesting. Marwaris hail from the region of Marwar, modern day Jodhpur region, in south western Rajasthan, India. In modern time, Marwaris comprise of one of the biggest business communities of India. Wealthy and prosperous, weddings in Marwari community are expensive affairs with celebrations spanning for days. Yet Marwari marriages are Read more about Marwari Wedding Traditions[…]

Kashmiri Wedding Traditions

In the beautiful valleys of Kashmir, wedding is the celebration of tradition and beauty. Kashmiri Wedding Traditions are a thing to behold, with the bride and groom resplendent in tasteful traditional dresses and oodles of glittering gold jewelry. From rituals to décor to food, they take take pride in their Kashmiri Wedding Traditions. Starting from Read more about Kashmiri Wedding Traditions[…]

Jain Wedding Traditions

Jains are a peace-loving community with deep sense of spirituality that guides their traditions. Jain Wedding Traditions are typically simple although they involve a lot of intricate rituals that are governed by the strict Vivah Vidhi dictated by their religious texts. In Jainism, marriage is considered a worldly affair that increases human bondage, but it Read more about Jain Wedding Traditions[…]

Assamese Wedding Traditions

Kuruganti Event Managers brings you the information about Assamese Wedding Traditions. Assamese wedding ceremonies are referred to as ‘Biya’ in the native language of the state and takes place between two individuals from the community. Assamese weddings are subtle, simple and yet elegant affair, with rituals firmly grounded in the culture. The whole affair spans Read more about Assamese Wedding Traditions[…]

5 Suggestions for Organizing Fundraising Event

Organizing Fundraising Event can be a great way to raise money for charities. Organizing fundraising event can be very emotional. But at the same time, are a great way of raising money and awareness for a well deserved cause. Not only will you have an amazing event, but you will be raising funds and awareness for Read more about 5 Suggestions for Organizing Fundraising Event[…]

How to Entertain Guests in Mehendi Ceremony

There are many ceremonies that make up an Indian wedding. Different religions have their own wedding ceremonies, but one wedding ceremony that is common for most religions is the mehndi ceremony. One of the biggest worry is How to Entertain Guests in Mehendi Ceremony. Some of the event managers like Kurugnati Event Event Managers can help Entertain Read more about How to Entertain Guests in Mehendi Ceremony[…]

KEM Answers: How To Organize Mehendi Party At Home?

Tight on budget for marriage? Often people have this problem of How To Organize Mehendi Party At Home? Here is a suggestion from Kuruganti Event Managers on How To Organize Mehendi Party At Home? How To Organize Mehendi Party At Home? Your Mehendi function is the one Cevent that you actually can have full control Read more about KEM Answers: How To Organize Mehendi Party At Home?[…]