June 20, 2017

Best Corporate Event Managers in Hyderabad

India recognizes KEM as the best corporate event managers in Hyderabad! Over the years we have grown beyond a corporate event management company in Hyderabad. We are your branding partners for events! Kuruganti Events clearly understands your brand requirements and need to be unique in the competitive atmosphere. We are a one stop solution for all your corporate event needs.

Are you looking for vendor to handle visitor experience at meeting and conferences, trade exhibitions, designing the exhibition booths? Or a partner using cutting edge technology to raise the bar or managing the ROI on these corporate events? Maybe KEM is the best event management partner for your company.

We have been corporate event organizers in Hyderabad since 2000 and have worked extensively with companies from different industries. Most of our customers have chosen to work with us from a long time for a reason!

Corporate Event Management Company in Hyderabad

Corporate Event Managers in Hyderabad

Why should you choose Kuruganti Corporate Event Managers in Hyderabad?

If you would like to make an impact on your employees and prospective customers, we suggest you to partner with the best corporate event agency of Hyderabad – KEM.


  1. Brand Sensitivity: Our parental company is a leading brand agency. So, we understand importance of brand equity though events and help you improve it.
  2. Focus on ROI: We focus on improving the return on investment for your corporate events. As a marketing or HR department, you needs are keep costs on the lower side without decreasing the quality of output.
  3. Team: All the team at KEM have software/marketing background and have manged more than 300 corporate events. They are extremely passionate about managing events.
  4. Cost: Our corporate event management services in Hyderabad are cost effective. We cater to the corporate event management services of SMEs and Corporates with the same ease. This allows us to work with companies to help them plan and meet their corporate events with the budget expectations.

Operational Efficiency:

  1. Vendor Base: We have a vast vendor network who we work with to plan corporate events in Hyderabad and beyond for our clients. Our vendor network enables us to manage corporate events in India as well as Middle East and South East Asia.
  2. Transparency: When planning corporate events in Hyderabad, our biggest asset is transparency with our clients. We implement it at every step of the corporate event planning process.
  3. Broad Range of Services: We proudly present the complete corporate event management services in Hyderabad having all the experience & capabilities of producing, managing all exhibitions and corporate events.
  4. Stage Management Specialization: The in-house staging unit, fabrication & designing workshop, audio visual equipment & basic sound is our biggest asset to provide the state of the art equipment, technical staff and experienced event support around the world.
  5. Focus on Amplified Reach: We make sure that the impact of your event is amplified by making use of social media, electronic media and print media. Our concepts are created to become viral and create a long-term impact on the participants.

Because of these we are adjudged as the best Corporate Event Managers in Hyderabad. We take pride in being more than a Corporate Event Management Company in Hyderabad.

Booth Design and Fabrication

Designing and executing a proper booth is prerequisite to any successful exhibition. A weakly executed booth leaves no impact on the visitors.

We understand the needs of your brand and execute the booth to get the best effect. We do not believe that a cube-like booth makes impact on the audience. Hence, we have provide innovative 3D designs with additional functionalities for the benefit of the clients. Our complete exhibition management services help corporates in managing events at peace.

Corporate Party Managers

Managing a corporate pool party, awards ceremony or an annual event should reflect the capabilities of the company. As the best corporate event managers of Hyderabad, we ensure that you only get the best.

MICE Capabilities

We are the only Corporate Event Management company having great MICE capability. It is vision to be a global leader in this space. We operate in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi. Outside India we work in Europe, USA, Bangkok and Thailand with plans to soon expand to other markets. We aim to be a leading MICE operator in the above places apart from being corporate event managers in Hyderabad.

Working tirelessly, we will go the extra mile for you every time to deliver meticulous services beyond the ordinary. Most of all, we make our client’s needs the primary objective of every project. We take responsibility and onus of everything from start to finish.

Corporate Event Photography

Corporate events are different from the weddings or parties. This is where are specialized corporate event photographer like Kuruganti Event Managers come into picture. We focus on creating imagery that your company can use in many more years to come. Hence, we use of Mark 5D and above cameras along with drones and high-fidelity gimbles.

Kuruganti Edge

Kuruganti Event Managers are magicians of the corporate event management services in Hyderabad.  KEM is the best corporate event management company in Hyderabad and a traditionally refereed Wedding Planner in Hyderabad. Its this rich legacy that we bring to the table.

Process of corporate event management involves understanding the client’s expectations and building the event step by step from there. So, we offer turnkey event production services easing burden on the client. To achieve this, we use avant garde event technology and equipment match global standards. We make use of our technological edge for all our corporate event management services in Hyderabad. Because of this we deliver unique and engaging event experiences for clients and attendees alike.

The corporate event planning in Hyderabad is an experience as the event itself. Hence, we take pride in our ability to make the journey as smooth and hassle free as can be.

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We had the opportunity to work with a wide range of companies from software to jewelers to real estate companies. As a result, their trust and support helped us in gaining experience to call ourselves an innovative corporate event managers in Hyderabad city.

Kuruganti Event Managers helped us with catering requirements for events. The food and the warmth  was great!

Mr Phani Raj K, Aurobindo Pharma

We make use of their services regularly for the employee engagement and sales meetings. They bring in creativity into every aspect of event management. Their reputation of being the best corporate event managers in Hyderabad was well deserved.

Mr Madhusudhana Chary, Manepally Jewelers

We have been making use of their corporate event management services for all our annual events. Dealing with them is easy. They are very approachable and would listen to the all the requirements completely before they start some work.

Trusted Corporate Event Management Company in Hyderabad

If you’re seeking professional corporate Event Management Company in Hyderabad, look no further than the team at KEM. You don’t have to struggle with internal subcommittees attempting to cover the details of corporate events any longer. We have spent years performing corporate event planning in Hyderabad for some of the biggest names in the business world.

No matter what size your event is, or what industry you are in, we can help you coordinate the best corporate event of the year. Regardless of the nature of your event, we can help you create a special corporate affair and ensure a very successful event.

Our experienced corporate event planning team can create whatever atmosphere you desire, and handle every detail, from recommending talent, to closing contract deals for you. Hence, you can concentrate on the business-side of your event, which is where your attention should be. With the specialized corporate event management team in Hyderabad, you are guaranteed to have nothing but the most professional, high-end corporate event.