September 2, 2017

Palace Wedding Managers in Hyderabad

Heritage hotels are best venues for wedding ceremony. Palace Wedding Managers in Hyderabad usually preffer Nizam palaces. Kuruganti Event Managers are a specialist Palace Wedding Managers in Hyderabad. We hire a portion of the hotel to organize the wedding. So one can say that the forts & palaces are not only eye piece rather they are of great use.

Palace Wedding Managers in Hyderabad

KEM is dedicated to creating unique, fun and personalized weddings. Celebrations reflect the tastes and personality of the couple. so let us be the best friend that holds your hand through this exciting time. Turn yourself into a princess on the day of your wedding! Because, your prince is waiting for you !!

Planning wedding takes enormous amount of time. A palace wedding will need even more. In fact, the average couple spends well over 200 hours planning their special day. A good wedding planner in places like Hyderabad will save you time and energy by researching vendors, taking care of the many, many details, and coming up with various creative ideas to make your wedding amazing! Hence, this where Palace Wedding Managers in Hyderabad come into picture.

Before you begin wedding planning, consider who’s going to contribute financially and who’s going to help out. Are your parents paying for part of the wedding? Are your in-laws and other relatives going to pitch in? Get the details down before you start planning to avoid spending money that you expect, but don’t have. As the best corporate event managers in Hyderabad, we help you manage your budget in the best manner !

Just like tax, gratuities and tips are not mentioned in the initial wedding budget. Your caterer may tack a whopping 25 percent gratuity onto your bill for the privilege of serving their chicken skewers and manning the beef carving station. It’s in the fine print. So read over your contracts and estimates carefully. With Kuruganti Event Managers, the best event managers in Hyderabad, you need not even read a word!