Wedding Stage Decoration Ideas

The center stage where the couple sits is one of the most significant and integral parts of an Indian wedding. This part of the wedding venue is seen in the most of the photographs in the wedding album. Thus, you ought to pay a little bit more attention to the stage decor for an enthralling Read more about Wedding Stage Decoration Ideas[…]

Suggestions for a Happy Family Life

Falling in love with your partner and taking the marriage vows are easy, but the difficult part comes with living happily ever after. Is there any secret to a long lasting marriage? Well, the secret lies in how good you both are at ruling out the factor of misunderstandings that crops up in life. We Read more about Suggestions for a Happy Family Life[…]

Ideas to Keep Bridesmaids Happy !

Your bridesmaids are always there with you during the entire wedding scene. They help you with anything and everything. Thus, it is of great importance to make them feel happy, amidst the wedding extravaganza. Here are Ideas to Keep Bridesmaids Happy!  Choose the girls wisely Not everyone can stand by you at the altar. Make Read more about Ideas to Keep Bridesmaids Happy ![…]

Groom Styling Tips

Gone are the days when the star of the wedding was the bride. In today’s era, even the looks and handsome styling of the groom can steal the thunder. Unlike the bride, the groom gets the trouble in picking the wedding outfits because of the limited options of the clothing line. It’s your wedding, so Read more about Groom Styling Tips[…]