10 Wedding Beauty Tips for Brides

Got engaged? Congratulations! The moment you get engaged, one thing you will do is to look everywhere for the expert beauty tips. There are numerous things that you will find for beauty tips for brides, but do you know which one is correct for you? Check out our top 10 Wedding Beauty Tips for Brides and arm yourself with the best for your D-day:

The weekly manicures

Once you get engaged, everyone will love to have a look of your ring. So, make sure to keep your hands and nails primed with the regular session of manicures. Shape the nails, so that an elegant shape develops on the wedding day. Take regular sessions of manicures.

Schedule the facials

The best beauty tips for brides is to give yourself some additional pampering with the monthly facials to add a refreshing touch to your skin. The facial will stimulate the circulation of blood and give you a healthy glow.

Under eye cream

Puffiness and dark circles often tend to ruin the bridal look completely. If you are suffering from any of these, then the best beauty tips would be to eliminate these issues before the wedding day arrives. Make sure to use an under eye cream to banish those dark circles, crow feet and puffiness.

Teeth whitening

Since you need to give big smiles on the wedding day, you must possess the pearl-like teeth. So, getting the teeth bleach, whitening tips and teeth rubbing are important beauty tips for brides.

Hair spa

Your hair must look shiny and healthy on the wedding day, so make it a habit of going to the hair spa at least once in a month. This beauty tip must be practiced at least six months before the wedding. You can even go for homemade masks.


This is the hardest among the Wedding Beauty Tips for BridesThey must work out regularly and sweat in the gym. Working out will tighten the body and at the same time will detox the skin.

Work on elbows

Elbows are often one of the unfocused zones. The essential beauty tip for getting the soft and smooth elbows is to add salt scrubs to your routine.

Lip care

Dry and discolored lips will be a big turn off on the wedding. The best beauty tip for brides for lip care is to apply a mixture of ghee, olive oil, and turmeric on the lips for soft lips.


You should take care of the eyebrows and make sure never to tweeze them at your own. Always seek the help of a beautician and never go for tweezing a day before marriage.


This is one of the important beauty tips for brides as it plays a vital role in getting your body groomed for the marriage. Schedule your waxing sessions on the monthly or bi-weekly basis.

Hope out 10 Wedding Beauty Tips for Brides helped you plan a gorgeous look. Let us know if we missed any !!

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