Groom Styling Tips

Gone are the days when the star of the wedding was the bride. In today’s era, even the looks and handsome styling of the groom can steal the thunder. Unlike the bride, the groom gets the trouble in picking the wedding outfits because of the limited options of the clothing line. It’s your wedding, so you ought to look amazing. Here is a word of advice from our side on how to style for your upcoming wedding. Here are some of our ideas on Groom Styling Tips:

The Politician’s Jacket

The politician style jacket has made a super entry when we talk about the styling of the groom. The jacket must have a super fit and a subtle color. The politician’s jacket is tagged as an effortless way to jazz up the wedding look. You can focus on zipper details, double collars and shirt plackets. The jacket can be worn over a kurta for your sangeet or mehndi function. Go for cotton or linen jacket in light shades only.

Alter your style according to your wedding theme

When we talk about the groom styling, even the best wedding planner in India will suggest not to just go with the colour theme of the bride’s dress. Make sure to stay away with this matching-the-color business. Instead, make sure to look the best in the attire you feel is the best. It’s your wedding, make sure to find an outfit that goes with your personality. If you are getting married in daytime, go for lighter and elegant shades for your wedding suits.

Colours to look for

Every wedding season comes with its own colour when we talk about the groom’s outfit. This season, it’s all about picking from the colour palette. For instance, shades such as peach, green, light yellow and orange can be a great play for small events such as Mehendi. You can go for Sherwani for your wedding, but make sure to ditch the shades like beige and maroon, because each one of us has seen every second groom in that shade only. Incorporate colours such as copper, mint, gold, bottle green and rust.

Embellishments, a BIG NO!

Embellishments on the groom’s outfits used to look good some years ago. But this year, make sure to ditch, things like embellishments. Instead of embellishments usher in sherwanis and tuxedos in a different pop of colours. Those over the top beads, diamonds and crystals are things of the past. Opt for ivory buttons, military brooches, cufflinks and pocket squares, if you are really in the mood to create a statement. Go for luxurious fabrics mainly silk velvets for your suits and sherwanis.

The above-mentioned Groom Styling Tips will help you in becoming the Prince Charming, your bride desired of right from her childhood. So, Grooms, make sure to look super handsome!

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