Ideas to Keep Bridesmaids Happy !

Your bridesmaids are always there with you during the entire wedding scene. They help you with anything and everything. Thus, it is of great importance to make them feel happy, amidst the wedding extravaganza. Here are the 10 must-read tips for doing the same

Choose the girls wisely

Not everyone can stand by you at the altar. Make sure only the significant individuals are handpicked who are willing to assume the responsibilities of the D-day.

They have a life outside the wedding

Planning the wedding is a time-consuming affair, but make sure to understand the fact that the bridesmaids have a life outside and you surely need to respect their responsibilities.

Take their inputs while deciding bridesmaid dresses

Ask for their thoughts and opinions at the time of deciding the bridesmaid dresses. Let them wear some style that suits their persona so that they look gorgeous in the pictures.

Introduce the girls

It can be the case the bridesmaid hails from different cities or countries. Thus, to remove that thread of awkwardness introduce them to each other and initiate conversation amongst them through a common group on any of the social media platforms.

Be flexible regarding shoes, hair, makeup and jewellery

Set the basic rules for the accessories and hair, but give some flexibility when it comes to personal styling. For instance, instead of making them buy an expensive pair of heels, tell them to wear any heels in shades of black. For the hairstyle, allow them to go for any easy hairstyle instead of going to a salon.

Don’t over-stretch their schedules

Don’t expect all the bridesmaid to attend the various bridal showers or other less important events, instead, suggest one or two of them attend one function and other girls to attend some other event.

Make them feel special

The bridesmaids spend a good chunk of time in planning and organizing the wedding event. Thus, make sure that they feel special. Use their names and pictures on your wedding website. By giving them the credit, you will surely make them feel special and happy.

Help them in managing the to-do list

The bridesmaids have a long to-do list. Before giving them any new task, just stop and wait for a moment, if you yourself can do that task and help them in managing the things.

Invite them with a killer invite

Use some sweet notes along with a small gift to invite them to your wedding. Make use of the different tools available on the web for this purpose.

Say Thank You

You must be giving them a wonderful gift, but don’t forget to thank them for pulling the event flawlessly.

By following the above-mentioned tips, you can rest assured of the fact that your best friends will keep loving you even after your wedding.

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