Bridal Entrance Ideas

In a wedding, one thing that is considered as exciting as the ideas for attire is Bridal Entrance Ideas to the wedding venue. Bridal Entrance considered as your first step to the wedding. Excited? Nervous? Well, we are equipped with a handpicked list of top ideas to make your entry a Shaandaar one.

Phoolon Ki Chaadar

Walk like a Princess under the Phoolon ki Chaadar with your brothers acting as your escorts. The brothers showcase that nothing could harm the bride when they are with her. The chaadars are available in various forms, pick the best!

Sparkles Everywhere And You In The Middle

How about walking in the middle and your loved ones glowing some beautiful and colourful sparkles on both of your sides? Indeed, you feel like a superstar!

Amidst the enchanting of Mantras by the Pandit Ji

If you are considering a pious entry, consider making your entry amidst the enchanting of shlokas by the Pandit Ji. The religious sounds and rhythmic chants with you in the middle certainly makes you feel heavenly.

A Flash Mob

If you want to take a different road, the flash mob is the best entry idea for you. A flash mob will take place and suddenly the bride will make the entry and then the bridal entry song starts. This idea can make your wedding the talk of the town.

The Floral Palki Entry

For a radiance appearance at your wedding, consider a palki elegantly decorated with flowers and white pearls for the bridal entry. The palki makes the bridal look even more stunning.

Be At The Spot

Just before the bride is about to appear, all the lights should go off. It should be a complete dark and slowly the spotlight will unveil the bride, right from her bridal lehenga to the bling make up. This idea can make the groom go speechless!

Angelic Descent

Make a striking entry to the venue through beautiful vessel attached to a crane in tune with wedding theme for an angelic descent.

Nagadas and Dhols

The most effortless and gorgeous way to entry is to walk with the blasts of nagadas and dhols happening around you.

Diya Lighted Ramp

Make the bridal diva walk on the ramp that goes straight to the stage and is decorated with small diyas and carnations. This can make an impactful entry of the bride.

These superb ideas indeed can make you steal the thunder in your bridal lehenga. Walk like the perfect Bride!

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