Wedding Stage Decoration Ideas

The center stage where the couple sits is one of the most significant and integral parts of an Indian wedding. This part of the wedding venue is seen in the most of the photographs in the wedding album. Thus, you ought to pay a little bit more attention to the stage decor for an enthralling event. Here are some of the stunning Wedding Stage Decoration Ideas that will make your wedding pictures stand out.

  1. Less is more

To create a sensational wedding stage, the thumb rule is that less is more. To take the minimal decor a notch higher, one can consider doing it in contrasting colors with three to four flowers bunches. You can go for shades such as pink to light up the stage.

  1. Flowers and lights

Light and flowers are an integral part of any wedding stage. When the fresh flowers combine with the perfect light coupled with curtains in soft colors, an amazing look for the stage is created.

  1. Flower draping

Apart from using the flower bunches and bouquets in the stage decor, consider using an embellished flower draping behind the wedding sofa for beautifying the stage.

  1. Bright hangings with curtains

If you are thinking of a dreamy combination for your wedding stage, consider the usage of bright hangings coupled with beautiful satin curtains and drapes. These elements will create an utterly romantic backdrop.

  1. Go the Balloons way

Yes, Balloons in decor is not limited to the birthday parties. Even the wedding stage uses balloons attached with beautiful flowers to edify the beauty of the wedding stage. Go for the balloons in your favorite shades.

  1. Satin drapes

For a classy yet elegant wedding stage, think of using the satin drapes that crosses over the stage. You can go for pearl shade for the satin drapes or choose it in accordance with your wedding decor.

  1. Regal white

The regal white theme is seen as one of the most exceptional stage decor ideas for the Indian weddings. For this decor idea, the flowers, the drapes, the curtains are all in the monotone of white. This creates an excellent combination.

  1. Royal gold

The big fat Indian weddings are all about plush and royal aspects. When we talk about royal, the color of gold comes into the picture. Consider doing the stage in gold with different patterns.

  1. Pearly stage

Yes, a pearl stage full of pearls in the wedding decor looks exceptionally glamorous and out of the box. Bravo!

  1. The wedding swing

A decorated swing on the wedding stage for the couple to sit adds warmth to the wedding event. Go for this decor element to add an antique aspect to the decor.

Execute these Wedding Stage Decoration Ideas and even the best wedding planner of India will rush towards you to take notes.

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