Dos and Dont’s PreWedding Photoshoots

Pre-wedding photo shoots are a way to bond before marriage! Its an amazing way to bring joy, fun and excitement for both the bride and the groom. Getting everything right for your pre-wedding photoshoot is important to make it a hit. Most of the time, the couple goes wrong in terms of picking the right outfits for the different locations and poses. Here is the cheat sheet for picking the right outfits to get the most memorable pre-wedding photoshoot. 

Most Important Rule:

One simple rule – You do not need to show them all to everyone! Pre-weddding shoot is for you and your partner. If you are not comfortable sharing your intimate moments with the world, you need not share! But, take every pic that you are comfortable with. You will cherish these memories.

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Plan around the theme

Each and every pre-wedding photoshoot centres around a theme, so planning of the outfit should be in accordance with the theme. Don’t just wear what you love or what your friends think you appear good in. To make your shoot special, wear what goes with your theme.

Go for timeless trends

Instead of opting for something that is very much in today, opt for a timeless piece of clothing as it will keep your pre-wedding photo shoot a refreshing affair. Dresses such as a Sari, a long evening gown or suit are timeless attires and one can never go wrong with them. A word of caution here would be to choose colours of your dresses wisely. Always remember that a wrong colour on a right dress can create havoc!

Work with colour combinations

Go for shades that complement each other. The bride and the groom should work on shades which look pleasing together. You can pick shades such as coral and navy with beige, red with aqua, mint with yellow. If the couple is going for bold shades such as black, grey or white, then make sure to add a pop of colours either through accessories or background to make the picture look great.

Play with texture and patterns

If you want to make your pre-wedding photo shoot a timeless saga, we recommend you to play around in terms of patterns and textures for the outfits. For instance, if the bride picks a floral print summer dress, then if the groom goes with a simple and plain shirt, the photos will come as classy.

Coordination with partner

The pre-wedding photo shoot belongs to both the bride and the groom; thus it is important for both of them to wear outfits that coordinate well. So, don’t forget to discuss with each other what you would be wearing before reaching the photo shoot location. You can match up in terms of colours, style or theme. Your attire should shout that you both belong to each other!

Tips and ideas for Pre Wedding Photoshoot – Wrapping It Up

The pre-wedding photo shoot is a window through which people peep in and sees the chemistry which the couple shares. Make sure you have the right outfits, accessories, location, poses and the photographer. Dress well with our tips and ideas for a pre-wedding photoshoot and witness the ease and the difference!

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