Bridal Gown Ideas

Wedding dress is undoubtedly the most memorable dress for anyone! While most of the brides opt for the traditional route and go for the likes of the Red and Maroon when it comes to the wedding dresses, a few opt a different route and look for other colours. But, the presence of a plethora of options in the dresses often leaves one utterly confused. To make things, a little easier for you, here are some of the exclusive wedding dresses and bridal gown ideas. Read through:

Go for Marsala

Umm.. Marsala… well, this is the colour of this season. The mystic shade of marsala is wooing everybody. From wedding lehengas to bridal gowns, everything is wrapped in Marsala. Marsala is an enthralling blend of shades such as deep red, wine and maroon. This bold colour looks exhilarating on every skin tone. If you are choosing a wedding gown in Marsala, go for a tube neckline that will add the factor of sensuousness to your look. You can even go for the classic Marsala wedding lehenga which looks immensely rich and royal.

Ethnic Gown

If you wish to break from that three pieces traditional wedding lehenga, opt for other wedding dresses such as a gown. The gowns look extremely stylish and also reflect the ethnic essence. The gowns done with thread work or embroidery looks mesmerising. The ethnic gowns are considered as the best way to accentuate the bride’s figure and give her a trendy look.

Long kurti and sharara

This is one of the oldest wedding dresses, which has recently made a comeback. The kurti with sharara is considered as a hot new twist to the lehenga. With this dress, you can ditch that blouse style look and add chic statement to your look. The kurti and sharara also give a lean and tall appearance, thus is considered as the best way to add oodles of style and charm to your wedding look.

The traditional lehenga

The lehenga is the traditional wedding dress which is the first choice of every girl. The attire looks beautiful with embellishments and embroidery at full display. You can go for a red lehenga, or a maroon or a blend of red and silver, a glittery gold, a royal blue, a red and green blend or the embellished white- thus colour of the lehenga is your choice.

The long blouse lehenga

Another reinvention done by the designers on lehenga is by teaming the lehenga with a long blouse having flowy and long panels. This is a truly feminine piece which gives the dress, an appearance of a gown with a sheer waistline to showcase the gap present between the blouse and the lehenga. This is a perfect mix of traditions and modern outlook.

Last but not the least, before selecting any Indian wedding dress, make sure to check whether it goes perfectly with your skin tone and personality to enhance your bridal look. Hope you liked our Bridal Gown Ideas. Do let us know if you have anything to share! As the best wedding managers of Hyderabad, we can help you choose the best!!

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