June 17, 2017

About Kuruganti Event Managers

In simple words about Kuruganti Event Managers, event management is a part of our family tradition. Since, we come from a traditional family, Functions are an integrated part of our life. This knack enabled us to help our family members in organizing the events for the families in the surrounding villages. This was the start of the journey of Kuruganti Event Managers.

About Kuruganti Event Managers

Kuruganti Event Managers brings in two generations of experience in handling the events to the table. We are operating in the area of event management from 1930 from our home town in Andhra Pradesh. Hence, event management is a part our family’s history.

About Kuruganti Event Managers

We have helped families in handling the guests,managing large scale cooking, travel and accommodation handling. Also, our traditional background helped us in ensuring the adherence of these events with a modern outlook. With the migration of our family to Hyderabad in the early 90’s, we have improved our event management skills. As a result, we have reinvented ourselves as the premium choice of NRIs and traditional families for their events. In 2001, we opened our custom state and prop manufacturing center.

On the advent of technology and social media, we have become the choicest event managers for corporates. So, we have made use of drone technologies, gimbles and digital imaging technologies from 2010.  In 2012, we have started offering the services in the areas of 3D live events and Audio Launches. Yet, we could achieve this without losing touch with our forte.

We cater to the corporate, entertainment and personal requirements of our clients. In the corporate events we help the companies in product launch events, company anniversaries, corporate parties and press meets. Also, for the requirements of the families we organize marriages, marriage anniversaries, cradle ceremonies and sastipurthis.

So, that was the sweet and simple story about Kuruganti Event Managers. More is yet to come !!